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Renovations form a good percentage of our work. Renovation work provides unique design challenges as one is normally faced with having to re-configure layouts within an existing envelope or design an addition that blends seamlessly with the existing building.

Our renovation work varies from small bathroom re-configurations to complete home rebuilds (usually within existing footprint). Renovation work is a very satisfying segment of our work in that it provides opportunity of making older houses function better and give them new life.



The image below shows the original house with the Dutch gables and unfortunate short cropped eave over the central portion of the house. Something had to be done with that. A simple peak was designed in with decorative siding and you get a whole new lease of life in what used to be a rather “ugly duckling”. Extensive re-planning on the inside and this once very standard walk in becomes a very functional home to live in. The kitchen and living is all moved to the ground level so that the beautiful back yard can be properly enjoyed. In 2012 a extension to the deck was undertaken to create a large covered area for cosy outdoor furniture protected from the elements.


The house before with the short crop ugly roof.


Original backyard view of house.


Backyard view phase one before the deck extension

renovation to rear deck

Detail of pond and expanded deck behind.

classic update

classic renovation and upgrade

Classic contemporary home renovation. Note the garage has been brought forward and raised to resolve drainage issues that occured in the original house.

original house before renovation work

Original garage and driveway.

contemporary home renovation

Front entry

original house before contemporary home renovation

Front entry before.

contemporary home renovation

Lake view of house after renovation.

original house before reno

Lake view of house before renovation.

contemporary home renovation

The reno nestles into the surrounding landscape - very natural and looks like it was always there.

contemporary home renovation

New covered deck.

contemporary home renovation

New family room.

contemporary home renovation

New family room.

lakeshore rebirth

custom renovation to traditional house

This home had already had one costly renovation done several years before we were asked to rethink the design. The project had some specific design challenges in that the original envelope had to be maintained to respect the new RIP by-laws that had to be respected.

custom renovation to traditional home

This was the original home. Not much planning involved here - seem like the design was thrown together without much thought. Compare the sizes of windows in the Hewitt Designs reno (below) with the original (above).

custom renovation to traditional home

New lake side treatment. Note the ugly extract fans are gone and the house has received a new life with better and larger windows and the previously ugly bay excressence is made into a feature with decent large window and small deck for the master bedroom.

custom renovation to traditional home

Revised lake side of renovated home.

custom renovation to traditional home

New dining room. In the original house the kitchen was placed here with cabinets placed against the lake view wall - can you believe that? What an opportunity missed.

custom renovation to traditional home

New family room. This room was opened up and the rabbit warren arrangements of walls and tight spaces were removed. It is amazing how bad some layouts can become with poor planning.

renovations give new life to old buildings if they are done right


Richard Hewitt is proud to have been recognized in the field of excellence and his work has achieved local and international awards



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