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Richard Hewitt's contemporary designs reflect simplicity and elegance whilst his more traditional styles remain classical and timeless where detailing elements is especially important.

contemporary style homes

The word "contemporary" sometimes implies cold and heartless - like an art gallery. Our contemporary designs are clean and simple and have a warm feeling about them. We like to think of this style more as an architecture that uses the basic elements of walls, floors and roofs and we merely assemble these components into dwelling spaces that respect the opportunities of the site conditions and sun locations at various times of the day.

transitional style homes

This style fits between contemporary and traditional - and is one of the most popular idioms for custom home design. These houses blend the elements of contemporary homes within the basic context of the traditional home yet allow the freedom of design to incorporate the up to date materials and products available. Examples of these are large windows and of course the lift-slide window walls that work so effectively in the warm climate of Kelowna and the Okanagan.

contemporaray home design by hewitt designs


contemporaray home design by hewitt designs

arts and crafts

contemporaray home design by hewitt designs

lakeside retreat

contemporaray home design by hewitt designs

lakeview terrace

contemporaray home design by hewitt designs

seaside haven

traditional style homes

Traditional and "classical" styled homes certainly have a place in our design idiom. Many client's want a more traditional styled home with varying degrees of "how traditional do you want to be?". Some houses listed here show very traditional detailing in terms of interior and exterior trim yet many owner's today are following a more "modern" approach to this style and interior detailing is in fact quite contemporary with minimal trim etc.

contemporaray home design by hewitt designs

timeless elegance

Elegant home in French country style


Craftsman styled home in beautifully landscaped yard


With Charles Rennie influences this house is based on craftman style

craftsman rennie

classic French Country styled home

french country

traditional home

beach house


Renovations form a good percentage of our work. Renovation work provides unique design challenges as one is normally faced with having to re-configure layouts within an existing envelope or design an addition that blends seamlessly with the existing building.

Our renovation work varies from small bathroom re-configurations to complete home rebuilds (usually within existing footprint). Renovation work is a very satisfying segment of our work in that it provides opportunity of making older houses function better and give them new life.

contemporaray home design by hewitt designs


custom home renovation

classic update

contemporaray home design by hewitt designs

lakeshore rebirth


Richard Hewitt is proud to have been recognized in the field of excellence and his work has achieved local and international awards



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