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March 2014 : Cosy Pad

micro reno kitchen

Small space reno's have always been a challenge. How you change a cramped basement space into something nice and useful is always rewarding. “Cosy Pad” required changing a rather cramped basement room into a small kitchen. This required a food prep area utilizing two existing windows and limited space for a nook type eating space. Angles when used properly always offer unique opportunities and this was a classic case where designing the eating table with 45 degree sides really proved worthwhile. It provides adequate space for diners and has the benefit of being able to navigate past quite easily.

Detailing as always is critical. Note the triangular block at the end of the table. This serves as a natural point for the tiles to finish up against. By detailing this properly we get a clean, simple end to the dynamic countertop design.

micro reno kitchen with triangular table

February 2014 : Traffic patterns through passive areas

Ever wondered why your kitchen feels uncomfortable? You never liked the fact that the through route to the garage is straight through the kitchen dividing the fridge and the rest of the kitchen? That route through your working zone plays havoc with the feel of a space that in my opinion should remain separated - keep the traffic zones away from working or passive areas. I believe you should be able to work in your kitchen without people having to walk trough your “work space zone”. That complicates things and is an intrusion into your space. I see this often in poorly designed plans - and people do not really understand why the space “does not feel right”. That is a mini highway and has an effect on the general feel and flow of that space.

The same thing goes for living rooms. How many times have I seen fireplaces separated from the sitting areas by a traffic walk trough zone. This does not make sense and breaks up that cosy intimate relationship a sitting area should have with a feature like a fireplace. Also recently I have seen the main stairs to the basement winding it’s way down the side and back of the fireplace - in a home that was designed only ten years ago. All of these point to poor planning and are very difficult to fix later. When you are working on your plans please watch out for this.

March 2013 : Some of our current designs in the office




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custom home design

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