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site analysis - somethings we consider relevant

1. getting started

Sometime decisions and choices facing a new project may seen overwhelming, which is not surprising given the complexities involved in designing and building a custom home or remodeling an existing house. Here are a few considerations prior to starting your project.

Choosing the right site for your new home is vital and spending more initially on getting the right site could add great value to your investment

Check that building site at different times of the day...those high tension wires in the distance could hardly be seen in the morning but in the afternoon the sun catches them and they really stand out

site plan sketch with sun paths and main views

2. defining goals

  • Start by writing down your goals and define your ideas. Here are some suggestions -
  • make a list of rooms
  • collect photos of the style of house you like as well as hardware and fixtures
  • make a note of your budget concerns

3. start the planning process

The planning process starts with formalizing a design brief which outlines the various spaces that you want in your new project. Once this is achieved a proper area analysis can be created which indicate where the various room spaces will be located in terms of which floor they will occupy (basement / main etc) as well as their projected size. Now you have a better idea of the size of your project which includes patios, storage space, pool areas etc.

early conceptual sketch of new home with basic forms shown

4. what we can do for you

There are many factors that will influence your choice for an architect. We have always believed that our past record is the critical determinator - compare our portfolio with others and see what past client’s have said about us and our work. Our work is never flashy or “trendy” - we believe in honest architecture without the frills of what might look “cool” today. Our houses are planned to stand the test of time in both looks and functionality

view of completed home - compare to concept sketch above

A good project is always a reflection of strong teamwork

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with a number of creative builders and sub-trades with whom we have built good working relationships. Naturally we would also work with contractors of your choice if you already have a builder in place.


Richard Hewitt is proud to have been recognized in the field of excellence and his work has achieved local and international awards



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