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hillside retreat

build 2004 - 2005
hillside contemporary home with extensive sun decks and pool patio

extensive pool patio and decks


Built to replace a house destroyed in the Okanagan Mountain Park fire of 2003 this design maximizes the 180 degree lake views offered by the location. A large outdoor entertainment patio is incorporated into the design as well as extensive lower level pool area. 

Part of our design strategy is to make sure that early morning light gets into our houses. This was achieved by the introduction of curved barrel vaults that allow south light into the living spaces and master bedroom area.

Situated on a hill posed a challenge to the design and the the house from the street seems relatively low despite the fact it is three stories high on the lake side. The roof over the entry is raised to allow visibility into this area from the higher street approach. A decorative arrangement of windows is located on the side wall to break up this large expanse and provide interesting viewing going up and down the stairs.

Simple downspout detailing and geometric stone wall elements compliment this elegant contemporary home in Kelowna BC.

Neil Miller Homes (Main Contractor)
Carolyn Walsh ckd inc (Kitchen Design)
Lynn Archibald (Interiors)
Kilowomp Electric
Natureworks Landscaping


hillside retreat home with large pool patio

Pool patio.

extensive sundecks and patios

Expansive decks and clean simple geometry.

front of house with covered entry

Front of house with raised roof over entry to assist with changes in site levels.

front entry with freeform wall windows

Front door and playful windows in the stair well.

modern style hillside home

Street side.

entry area and stairs

Entry hall with adjacent stairs. Note the irregularly placed windows to provide added interest when moving up or down the stairs

kitchen with freeform counter

Concrete countertop in kitchen with matching dropped ceiling shape.

kitchen with free form counter and matching ceiling

Contemporary styled kitchen.

modern style kitchen

Kitchen cupboards and tiled header above to hold the design together.

open plan dining room

Dining room.

wet bar area


powder room with raised basin

Powder room.

lake views from the decks are stunning


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rock point


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