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Hewitt Designs is led by Richard Hewitt (B.Arch) who started the business in 1993 after emigrating from Cape Town, South
Africa where he was a registered architect.

Richard Hewitt
B.Arch Natal RSA

Richard’s formal training as an architect has provided him with the valuable tools to properly deal with the unique challenges and opportunities that custom home design and renovation work requires..

Richard likes his work to be somewhat understated and subtle - blending with the surroundings and not standing out as an unsightly monument to the designer. His designs are all well scaled to the humans who occupy them and the “feel” of space is very important.

Richard loves the simplicity and elegance of contemporary architecture but also is interested in classic timeless traditional style homes where detailing of elements is especially critical.

Renovations also form a large part of Hewitt Designs. There is always a challenge to be taken up whether it is a new bathroom configuration in a space that just seems too small for a new one or whether it’s an existing home where the completed new work must be in harmony with the old structure so that the viewer cannot really tell that new work has been performed.

Richard is highly practical to his approach in his design work. Efficient layout, good form and function is critical and this is reflected in the numerous glowing testimonials and reviews his past clients have provided.

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Shelley Hewitt

Shelley has a background in design - graduating at the Natal Technical College in Durban South Africa with a Diploma in Textile Design. With a natural eye for colour and classic design Shelley is a valuable asset to the business. Much of the artistic hand work is assisted by Shelley relieving Richard workload on primary design matters.

Shelley regularly accompanies Richard to prospective building sites where a second opinion is always valuable.

"Our goal is to reflect through our designs the vision of our clients whilst always striving to contribute to the surrounding urban or regional fabric - our hope is that our skill and passion will transform floors, walls, windows and roofs into memorable architecture"

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Richard Hewitt is proud to have been recognized in the field of excellence and his work has achieved local and international awards



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